Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [9/15] Relationships » Brooke & Haley
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So, we became friends, and now she’s my best friend.

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What does this mean?

That, my friend, is exactly the question you have to ask.

It means that this is one of the best ways to pile up rocks and not have them fall down for a long time.

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"As the protesters marched through the streets, it began to storm. Every time the thunder crashed, the protesters would cheer louder and louder. It seemed as if mother nature herself were cheering them on.."

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[1/?] ladies on-screen:
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay in Belle (2013).

get to know: nathan scott {insp.}

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Title: Stick Artist: Banks 60 plays


Banks - Stick

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abner ramirez & amanda sudano

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"Oh God, I’m cursing so much more! Hugh is so embarrassed because I’m saying fuck left, right, and center. It’s a bad habit! It’s very enjoyable to do. I take great pleasure in it. It’s probably why I’m at all capable.” —Claire Danes on her God-given gift

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This is actually one of my favourite shots from any episode of PLL. Just thought I’d share because I am in love with this.