German Shepherds and their floppy ears. There is nothing I do not like about this.

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"Turn Color On" Campaign by ‘Joe Fresh’ ft. Sophia Bush (x)

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When will Black teens get a romantic comedy? Or a drama-filled romance? How many ways can fictional white teens fall in love and why aren’t Black kids in particular allowed the same exposure?

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"… his [Ken Marschall’s] paintings almost seemed to be stills from a movie that hadn’t yet been made. And I thought to myself… I can make these paintings live. It became my goal to accomplish on film what Ken had done on canvas, to will the Titanic back to life."  James Cameron.

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More girls should join boys’ teams so it could be a tradition and it wouldn’t be so special.” - 13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis, the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in its 68-year history, the FIRST girl to throw a Little League World Series SHUTOUT. Her fastball? 70 MILES PER HOUR. #throwlikeagirl #BlackGirlsROCK

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In Case You Missed All the Excitement Last Night…Here’s a Recap:


This actually happened:



Bunberries Reaction:


Jogians Reaction:


Dacers Reaction


Janny & Renew Twisted Fans Reaction…


….usually followed by "Did they cancel Twisted?" "When is Twisted coming back?"

My reaction…


 More details to come folks…and my sources say you won’t be disappointed…

dacey making each other smile


OTH MEME: [1/4] OTP’s → “It’s been said that there’s one word that will free us from the weight and the pain of life, and that word is love. And I believe that. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been hard or that it won’t be. It just means that I found a stillness and a bravery in myself with you. You make me brave, and I will love you until the end of time.”



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