Aria is enjoying a quiet evening at home, watching Night Must Fall, a film adaptation of an Emlyn Williams play about these four women who get duped by this fully insane guy who is, like, super hot and uncommonly charming, but also he is murdering women and chopping them up and burying their body parts around town. The master sleuth of the women, the real Ravenclaw of the bunch, she starts out accusing the guy of being a murderer, but then she falls in love with him, and next thing you know, the police are like, “Hey, why’s there a severed head in this hat box, insane hot guy?” And the smart girl, the Ravenclaw one, she’s like, “It’s my hat box! It’s my severed head!”

So, expect good things for Spencer in the coming days, is what I am saying.

Heather Hogan, PLL recap 3.15 (x)
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